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The Four Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the U.S., more than 35,000 fatalities occurred due to motor vehicle accidents in 2015 alone. While it is no secret that driving can be dangerous, some stretches of road pose more of a threat than others. It can greatly benefit drivers to be wary when traveling across accident-prone streets, and recently, the Colorado Springs police announced the most dangerous intersections in town.

According to accident report information from the local police, the most dangerous Colorado Springs’ intersections are:

  1. I-25 and Woodmen
  2. I-25 and Nevada
  3. I-25 and Cimmarron
  4. I-25 and Garden of the Gods

If you noticed a pattern, you are not alone. City engineers are well aware of the issues posed by the intersections along I-25. You may be wondering why more isn’t done about the problem if it has been on the city’s radar for some time. However, accidents continue to occur at these locations for numerous reasons and unfortunately, solving the problem isn’t as simple as installing new traffic signals.

What Makes these Intersections so Problematic?

The combination of driver error, heavy traffic, and the physical layout of these intersections all come together to produce a high accident rate. The truth is that the greater number of potential hazards, distractions, and stimuli that a driver is exposed to, the greater the chance for an accident may be. All four of these intersections require drivers to make fast, precise decisions about their path of travel as well as the destinations of the other drivers, all while exposed to numerous roadside stimuli.

Additionally, reckless driving behavior may always play a factor in accidents on the road. Unfortunately, it is this behavior which city engineers have trouble planning around. No matter how an intersection is designed, negligent and dangerous driving habits can still cause accidents. For example, several of the accidents which have recently occurred in these intersections have involved drunk driving.

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