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Aggressive Drivers Legal Support for Your Accident Claim

Aggressive Driving in Colorado Springs

Were You Injured by an Aggressive Driver?

Over half of the motorists who responded to a survey by the National Highway Traffic Administration in 1997 admitted to engaging in aggressive driving behaviors. The general consensus is that such behaviors have only increased in prevalence in the last decade and a half. Aggressive driving is a traffic violation and can be a precursor to road rage, which is a criminal offense. Additionally, road rage and other forms of aggressive driving are a common cause of car accidents and related injuries.

Aggressive drivers may do the following:

  • Cut other drivers off
  • Drive at speeds over the posted speed limits
  • Honk their horns
  • Make aggressive gestures at other motorists
  • Use the shoulder to pass
  • Weave in and out of traffic

If you are on the road and witness aggressive driving, then you are encouraged throughout the state to dial *277 (CSP) and report the vehicle. This program, implemented by the Colorado State Patrol in 1998, plays a crucial role in curbing such actions before they escalate and lead to an accident. It is also important to your safety that you not respond to aggressive drivers in kind. Give the aggressive driver plenty of space and avoid eye contact, so as to avoid making matters worse.

Taking Action Against Aggressive Drivers

When a driver engages in aggressive behavior, the road becomes a less safe place for everyone on it. If you have already suffered personal injuries as the result of such an unfortunate and preventable auto accident, then you have the right to hold the driver, who acted without regard for the safety of others, accountable for any injuries that their negligence may have caused. We can help you investigate your claim to determine liability in your auto accident and advise you on how to recover just compensation.

At The Law Firm of Ted Bills, our Colorado Springs car accident lawyer is dedicated to car accident cases. When you suffer injuries because of another driver's road rage, you may entitled to collecting monetary damages for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Trust our legal team to help you fight for compensation you deserve. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, you can retain our services without worrying about how you can afford a lawyer. Schedule a free initial case evaluation to learn more!

In order to take immediate action, call (719) 359-9000 to talk to Colorado Springs car accident Attorney Ted Bills and take steps toward recovering the compensation you deserve.

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