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Why Hire Our Colorado Springs Lawyer?

Gain the Advantage of a Seasoned Attorney with Medical Experience

When an innocent person is in a serious accident, the injuries they suffer can be severe and very complex. In many cases, it can take a long time for their physician to diagnose exactly what injuries the victim has suffered, as well as how severe those injuries are. Recovering damages for complex injuries can be very difficult, but at the Law Firm of Ted Bills, we have a slight advantage. Attorney Bills has previous experience in the medical field himself and has extensive firsthand understanding of serious injuries and of the human body.

Let Us Handle the Stress While You Focus on Getting Better

The Law Firm of Ted Bills provides personable and aggressive representation for anyone who needs to win a fair payout from an insurance company. Ted handles every case himself and strives to be readily available for communication with his clients. He is also an aggressive negotiator and litigator who can get results for any type of injury. He has successfully handled many bodily injury claims out of court. While in college, Ted worked at the local city-owned Memorial Hospital, which is now run by the University of Colorado Health. He does not have a medical doctorate or a nursing degree, but he is nevertheless highly knowledgeable when it comes to injuries.

His experience at the hospital included working in the emergency room and in the trauma center, where he assisted doctors and nurses with direct patient care services. He also worked in orthopedics, assisting orthopedic surgeons with surgical procedures for broken bones, spinal cord injuries, fractures, total knee and hip replacements, and more. Ted also handled casting, splinting, and traction for bone and joint injuries, and he worked in physical therapy helping people learn to walk again.

How Attorney Bills' Medical Experience Gives You an Advantage

During his time working at the hospital, Ted had to transcribe, read, and interpret physicians' orders. As a result, he fluently understands medical terminology and he can read and understand doctors' notes and medical records. This gives him an invaluable edge when handling his clients' personal injury cases, since he can review his clients' medical evaluations personally to determine if the full extent of their injuries has been documented. Such documentation is vital in order to maximize compensation. Attorney Bills understands the nature of serious injuries, as well the nature of the human body and its healing process. As a result, he is often able to recognize injuries and other such damages before physicians do, or even in cases in which the client doesn't yet realize they're injured. This, in turn, results in a higher payout for the client, since they would never have otherwise recovered damages for the injury they weren't fully aware of before working with Ted!

Consult Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney Ted Bills

Do not hesitate to get the insightful and experienced counsel that you need. Attorney Ted Bills can provide a case evaluation, including an evaluation of the full extent of your injuries. Our firm is dedicated to maximizing compensation and often wins higher settlements than other firms because of Ted's medical knowledge and negotiation skills. Call Ted as soon as possible so that he can get involved early and gather the evidence needed to fight your case. Let us handle the stress while you focus on getting better!

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you find resources to get your medical bills covered and recover damages through a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Call (719) 359-9000 today to get started!

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