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Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Colorado Springs Insurance Bad Faith Claim Attorney

Is Your Insurance Company Treating You Unethically?

Insurance companies are required to conduct their business in good faith. This means when they make a promise to a customer, they must do everything to keep that promise within the terms of the contract.

"Bad faith insurance" is when an insurance company violates the agreement they made with a customer or practices deception to trick their client in a way that saves the company money.

If your insurance company has treated you in an unethical manner or is denying you the coverage you deserve under your police, The Law Firm of Ted Bills can help you file a bad faith insurance claim.

Going up against big insurance companies is not easy. These companies have extensive resources at their disposal and will retain strong defense to deny liability and fight your claim. With Colorado Springs personal injury Attorney Ted Bills on your side, however, you have an advantage. Ted spent the first two years of his legal career as a defense litigator for insurance companies just like the one you're facing. He knows their tricks of the trade when it comes to defense, and he can use that knowledge against them to benefit your case.

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Attorney Ted Bills has 15+ years of legal experience and is a seasoned lawyer who is not afraid to negotiate or litigate on your behalf. Our firm focuses solely on car accident and personal injury cases, so you can have confidence in your lawyer's experience and knowledge. Ted will handle your case personally, so do not hesitate to fill out our free case evaluation and allow him to review your case at no cost to you. Our firm will strive to help you find resources to get your medical bills covered and will go the extra mile to recover your damages as quickly as possible.

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