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Catastrophic Injuries Legal Support for Your Accident Claim

Colorado Springs Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer Dedicated to Your Recovery

Personal injury claims can be filed for injuries that are somewhat minor, such as cuts and lacerations, or they can be filed for catastrophic injuries. Injuries are generally considered to be catastrophic if they cause long-term or permanent impairment, disfigurement, or disability to the victim.

Common examples include:

The Colorado Springs catastrophic injury attorney at The Law Firm of Ted Bills is skilled in all areas of personal injury and can advocate on your behalf!

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries Explained

Brain injury and spinal cord injury are two of the most serious types of personal injury a person can suffer.

  • Spinal cord injuries occur when the spinal cord is bruised, ruptured, or severed, resulting in partial or total paralysis below the area of injury. These injuries can prevent a person from returning to work for a long time, or even permanently.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) occurs when a person suffers a severe blow to the head. The most severe form of a concussion, TBI causes bleeding and swelling in the brain that result in restricted blood flow and the loss of brain cells. Unconsciousness, nausea, amnesia, and even a coma or vegetative state can result from a serious brain injury.

Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer in Colorado Springs

Do not hesitate to retain a Colorado Springs car accident attorney if you've suffered a catastrophic injury in a crash. Attorney Ted Bills has previous experience in the medical field and has worked with catastrophic injuries on countless occasions, including in the emergency room and while assisting surgeons. He handles each case himself so that you can be sure of personable counsel and aggressive negotiation. Ted is also skilled at trial, having tried multi-million-dollar cases, and he can litigate for a fair verdict if you desire to take your case to court. Our firm is more than qualified to help establish the serious nature of your injuries and to maximize the payment you receive through a claim.

Let us handle the stress so that you can focus on getting better! Contact us to learn more.

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  • The Experience and Determination to Fight for the Compensation You Deserve
  • 100% Committed to Client Satisfaction and Well-Being
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  • Has Been Practicing Personal Injury Law For Over 15 Years
  • Has Recovered More Than $50M in Settlements