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SLAP Tear Injuries Legal Support for Your Accident Claim

SLAP Tear Injuries in Car Accidents

Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney 

The ball-and-socket joint of your shoulder is stabilized and strengthened by a ring of fibrous tissue called the labrum. While serious injuries known as SLAP tears – superior labrum, anterior to posterior tears – are usually caused by repetitive motion and falling on the shoulder joint, they can also be a frequent consequence of car accidents. At The Law Firm of Ted Bills, we have an extensive track record of success and have gained a reputation throughout Colorado for achieving larger settlements on SLAP tear claims than many other law firms in the state.

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Painful Consequences of SLAP Tears

During a car accident, the average driver’s instincts tell them to brace their arms against the steering wheel just before the moment of impact. While this can help prevent being slammed into the steering wheel, it also puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the shoulders, which lock into place. The result is often a painful SLAP tear injury.

You may have a SLAP tear injury if you were in an accident and now experience:

  • Pain when doing an overhead activity (throwing a ball, lifting, etc.)
  • Uncomfortable sensation like the joint is grinding or popping
  • Considerably reduced range of motion or strength in arm
  • Chronic pain or ache in shoulder or upper arm

Possible Treatments & Rehabilitation

SLAP tear injuries are caused by a relatively minor interior wound to the labrum but it can cause big consequences and require equally large procedures. Natural healing processes in this region of the body are minimal, with some people experiencing pain for the rest of their lives without proper treatment. In order to fully recover and do so in an acceptable time frame, medical treatments may be necessary, and could be quite expensive.

Some treatment options that can help correct a SLAP tear injury are:

  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Extensive physical therapy sessions
  • Prescription painkiller regimen
  • Scheduled injections of cortisone

No matter what course of treatment is used, the minimum recovery time is typically four months. For most people, settling down for rest and recuperation for four months or more means losing valuable pay. In order to keep making ends meet during this time, a personal injury lawsuit is often necessary.

Fighting for Compensation on Your Behalf

Our Colorado Springs SLAP tear injury attorney can help you file an injury claim after you have been the victim of a car accident. With our legal advocacy backing your case, we hope we can help you hold your head up high and pursue the maximized compensation you deserve, as we have done for so many people in the past.

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