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Do I Need An Attorney If I Was In A Car Accident?

Legal Support for Your Accident Claim

There is no legal requirement to have an attorney if you were injured in an accident. You could, theoretically, contact the insurance company of the negligent driver, and try to get compensation in the form of a settlement. The insurance companies often contact victims as quickly as possible after an accident in an effort to get the matter of compensation settled before the victim gets an attorney on board. Why would they do this? The answer is simple – they hope to get away with paying less, and once a qualified personal injury lawyer is involved, they know with certainty that they will be paying far, far more in a settlement.

Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

Despite the friendly appearance of many insurance adjusters and the overall façade of having your best interests in mind, the reality of the matter is that insurance companies are businesses with shareholders to please and profits to guard. The more claims they have to pay, the less money they will make. Therefore, insurance adjusters may likely search for any and every reason to limit or deny your claim for compensation after an accident.

Sometimes personnel from these companies advise injured people to avoid hiring an attorney, claiming they will "just lose some of the settlement in legal fees." What they do not reveal, however, is that an attorney can advocate for a settlement is likely to be an average of 3 times higher than what they would otherwise offer!

An attorney can help protect you against the following practices of insurance providers:

  • Unnecessarily denying a valid claim
  • Refusing to investigate or neglecting a claim
  • Misrepresenting a policyholder's coverage
  • Forcing claimants to sign a release form before payment
  • Denying a claim without explanation

Why Shouldn't I Settle With My Insurance Company?

Accepting an insurance company's proposed settlement without the guidance of an attorney can lead to devastating consequences. It is not uncommon for injured persons to accept settlements that won't even cover the costs of treatment, much less lost wages or compensation for pain and suffering. If you settle for less than you are actually owed, you could find yourself in a difficult financial situation and be forced to cope with the cost of your losses with your own.

Any car accident case really should be carefully reviewed by an attorney that has extensive knowledge of personal injury law, and can advise you of the value of your claim, and will manage your case and negotiate with the insurance company. Another factor that is of great importance is that your personal injury lawyer has experience at trial. There are cases that cannot be fairly resolved without taking the insurance company to trial and seeking justice through the civil court system.

What If Fault for the Accident Is Contested?

In cases where fault for the accident is disputed, the person who is deemed at fault will often be unable to recover anything for their injuries or damage to their vehicle. If you believe you are not at fault for an accident and your claim is being contested, it is vital you retain the services of a skilled lawyer to fight on your behalf and maximize your chances of reaching a positive outcome. Since the resulting vehicle damage, lost income and medical expenses from a car accident can sometimes cost upwards of $100,000, it is imperative you do not take any chances and allow a powerful attorney to maximize your chances of reaching a positive outcome.

Contact a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer

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