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Why Do I Need A Lawyer With Trial Experience?

Legal Support for Your Accident Claim

When searching for an attorney in a personal injury case, you may wonder what qualifications to look for. One of the most critical points to review is trial experience. A personal injury attorney who has served at many trials and achieved positive results has a proven record. Many law firms avoid trial as much as possible. The skill in case development, presentation and persuasive ability could be the most important factor in the success of any personal injury case.

Even if a claim is being filed, and there is no need to litigate, when the insurance company is aware that the lawyer is a formidable opponent in court, they tend to be far more amenable to settling at a fair price. Most insurance companies are represented by high-powered corporate attorneys who will spend almost anything to get their client off. In order to win a case presented by these professionals, you need an equally talented trial lawyer.

It is often necessary to have expert witnesses testify to support the case, and the quality and skill of these witnesses can also make a difference in the outcome of the case. A trial lawyer who knows the business has established a network of highly respected professionals to call upon and present evidence or testimony at trial.

At The Law Firm of Ted Bills, our lead attorney is a trial lawyer, and is known throughout the state and beyond for his exceptional level of skill in court. He formerly worked as a defense lawyer for insurance companies, and this background gives him the edge – he knows exactly what tactics will be used, and is prepared to do battle. Call the firm for assistance if you have been injured and need to recover compensation. You will have a trial lawyer on your side that knows the law, and how to fight both in negotiating a settlement and in civil court.